Gridley Associates Inc

We are beholden only to you, our client. Gridley Associates is a fee only Financial Planning Firm, and does not receive any commissions or payments from third parties. As such, we are not conflicted and can recommend the most cost effective approaches that cover the universe of financial planning, insurance and investment products.

We consider the trust our clients place in us to be our most valuable asset. We also believe that there must be a good "fit" between the client and planner. Before beginning any planning assignment, either project based or comprehensive plan, we strongly encourage a no obligation face to face meeting so that both parties can become comfortable with one another. If both parties are comfortable, only then do we proceed by assessing what needs to be done and the best way to approach it.

We believe that the client and planner relationship should be viewed as a partnership. Together we will assess your tolerance for risk and set a plan for intelligent risk taking. Our philosophy is that simple, balanced approaches to investing have the best long-term chance of success. We are happy either to set up a plan for you to monitor on your own or assist in the oversight with you. Either way, we strive to give you the tools to make informed decisions.

Gridley Associates believes that the best relationships are ongoing ones where we maintain a regular contact to help you adjust for changes in laws, taxes, markets, or just life. However, we also are happy to accommodate the client who needs a one-time review or has specific issues for which they want help.