Gridley Associates Inc
Gridley Associates Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor prepared to provide complete investment and wealth management services. We are equipped to assist in the selection and supervision of private money managers and/or directly manage stock, bond, mutual fund, retirement or trust accounts as the needs of the client may dictate. Because we are fee only, our advice is always geared toward the client's best interests. Neither Gridley Associates Inc. nor its employees accepts commissions or third party fees of any kind. The bedrock of our approach to investment management is to maintain balanced, low expenses portfolios.
Gridley Associates Inc. provides comprehensive, Fee Only financial planning services to individuals and families. We specialize in clients with total assets of $1 million or more but will consider each client on case by case basis. Planning services are tailored to the needs of each client, ranging from comprehensive, in depth financial plans to specific area reviews. Areas we normally cover include the following: